Why is a Good Parking System Important?

Having an excellent parking control
system is vital to the growth of your city.

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The CBD of every municipality in South Africa must have a well-managed Parking Control System in operation. This is a vital part of city management and key to future growth, it is not an option.

The primary goal of a municipal Parking Management System is to ensure there is a turnover of parking bays in the city CBD and surrounds. This important aspect of parking management ensures that a parking bay can be used by several motorists in one day thereby increasing the number of residents who can access the CBD conveniently. This directly increases the commercial activity within the city and promotes long term growth for the municipality, the community and all city stakeholders.


Planning a Parking Management System requires several key issues to be addressed. Click here for details.


Key to Implementing an excellent Parking Management System is the choice of operator. Click here for details.


Once a Parking Management site is up and running, maintaining its performance is important. Click here for details.

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